Sunday, September 16, 2007

Autumn is in the Air

Two weeks ago it was 101 F, and it looked as though we would have an endless summer. A mere 14 days later, I can feel the change of seasons in the air. The mornings are actually brisk now, and it doesn't reach 80 until around 1 PM. The afternoons get hot, and then the temperature quickly falls again as the evening shadows grow longer. My heart is singing for this is my favorite time of the year.

I'm not much of a summer girl. As a matter of fact, I spent most of the summer tucked away indoors, blinds drawn, air conditioner humming. It was too hot to enjoy the days that were free from school. Now that the temperature has changed, I enjoy a walk, sitting on the porch, and watching my sons at cross country and football. Light jackets, and corduroy complete my wardrobe. The weather is simply delicious.

I've lightly decorated my home. Even though this is my favorite season, I don't go all out, but simply place just a few touches here and there.

The living room gets a few candles and gourds.

Autumn placemats,

a pumpkin tea pot, and seasonal salt and pepper shakers give the dining room an autumnal feeling.

An apple green plate filled with gourds makes a lovely centerpiece for the table.

I love scented candles, but don't burn them all summer long because of the heat they produce. Now is the time to light the wicks and bask in the glow. Have you tried these Wood Wick candles? Not only do they smell great, but they sound like a crackling fire!

What are you doing to prepare for the season?


Sheri said...

Beautiful fall decorations Tracy! I haven't tried those wood candles but have seen them at Hallmark. I need to get one next time.

nannykim said...

nope--I have not seen those wood candles--do they last long? Where did you get yours? I have hung fall wreaths outside and for the inside I've done little things like you; I have changed the tableclothes put out candles, leaves, etc--see at my blog (you might have to scroll lower on the page to find it) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well golly - something else we have in common - lightly decorating rather than going hog-wild. :o)

At this time I have nothing out that resembles autumn. Clark's back isn't doing well and I'm not about to climb in the rafters myself to get my autumn box down. So, until his back gets better, or El and I can wrangle some young whipper-snapper to haul the box down, we'll enjoy spring/summer decorations a while longer.

I really love the look of your blog. :o)

Penless Thoughts said...

Lovely touches.

Becky said...

I'm with you Tracy. I LOVE autumn. It is my favorite time of year. I should be seeing the same changes in the air that you are seeing in about another month. Not enough for jackets perhaps, but we are hoping to turn off our air coditioner by then.

Lovely decor for fall. I don't decorate too much either. But the front door and the dining room table are no brainers aren't they? Easy to do and fun, fun, fun.

I saw the post on your sister swap too. Very fun. Lots of goodies for you.

Thanks for your sweet comments on my mom. We are hoping for positive forward movements from here on out.

Tracy said...

I received my Wood Wick as a gift, but you can find them at Hallmarks and Cracker Barrel for starters.

Anonymous said...

quick note ~ the picture was taken in autumn of 2006 ~ we are still *very* green here. :o)

Penless Thoughts said...

To answer your question on my blog about what a greenbelt is: it's an area of land, set aside by the local municipality on which building and development is not permitted. In our particular situation, we also have a creek that runs about 150' feet behind our property. The great advanatage is, of course we do not have any homes build directly behind your house.

Beck said...

Oh, your autumn decorations are beautiful! I'm trying to get my house very autumnal now, too!

Lori said...

We've had the same thing happen with the weather here too.
It has gotten so chilly. Nights down to 30 degress. Someday's in the 70's.

Love your fall decor. I'm getting mine out too.
I hope to post it on Friday for Show and Tell.

Jen in MS said...

Everything looks lovely!

I saw those candles the other day at Cracker Barrel and debated about buying one. Which smell did you get?

I haven't done any fall decorating! Well, I take that back, I did buy a yellow mum for my front porch and I painted an orange flower....does that count? :0)

I am in the cooking mood though and I poured through a new Gooseberry Patch cook book that my mom gave me. I have several new soups and such to try this week!

I love fall too! It's definitely hit in Mississippi. It's been too cool to swim (for me anyway), but I hear we have one more heat wave coming.

Oh, I answered your comment at my blog about it being since 2003 since I visited my mom! I have a good excuse! LOL

Have a blessed day!

Jennifer said...

I love the simplicity of your decorations. I will definitely have to find some of those wood candles. Where do you find them??

I've been working for a few days on my Fall Cleaning, I still haven't gotten out my fall decor, but it's coming :o)

Have a great week!

Anna S said...

It's getting cooler around here too. Ah, the bliss!

I love your pumpkin tea pot :) So cute!

Chyrll said...

Your fall decorations are so pretty!

Kelli said...

What sweet Autumn touches around your home, Tracy! The teapot is too cute and I love your placemats! I will have to look for those candles, very neat that they crackle. Do you have to order them online or can you get them locally?


Angie said...

Tracy---I love that look! And Autumn is my all time favorite time of year!!!
Your decorations are very pretty---one question...I have seen the wood wick candles in Cracker Barrel and HallMark store, but wonder if they last as long? Do they smoke up as they burn??

HsKubes said...

Oh, I love autumn, too!
I have been SO excited to have the cooler weather!
I don't really decorate much either but I did throw out an autum tablecloth and a yellow ceramic basket with pumpkin spice potpouri. mmmmm. I have loved having the windows open. We can never do that in the summer. ;o)
I haven't seen those wood wick candles. I'll be on the lookout.

Enjoy your week ~

Ruth said...

Love your decorations! They all look like such a nice touch!

Julieann said...

I just love your tea pot--all your decortions are just lovely!


Jodi said...

I love your light touches of fall, Tracy. Now I can't wait to find one of those nifty crackling candles. :o)

Trella said...

I love your decoration, and would love to have your weather. I went outside to water the lawn today and was sweating by the time I went inside. I wish the weather would change, so the Love Bugs(aggravating bugs that appear in September) would go away.