Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Handmade Gifts

Our family was invited to a birthday party for Autumn's best friend, Stacie's 16th birthday. We made (almost) everything that we gave her, and I think she was thrilled.

Autumn and Stacie can share clothes, so Autumn used her measurements to make Stacie a wrap skirt in her favorite color: lime green! She purchased a pair of inexpensive flip flops to coordinate with the skirt, and made them even cuter by crocheting on them. She made a card, and included a smiley key in token of the 16th birthday.

I gave Stace 3 bars of my handmade soap. That doesn't seem really exciting, I know, but she spends lots of money on specialty soap because of her sensitive skin so she was happy.

Collin used hemp and beads to create a stylish key chain and bracelet.

Abigail whipped up a bag for Stacie to carry her goodies in.

I was tickled at the ideas my children had for attractive and useful handmade gifts, and how joyful they were while they worked and thought about blessing their friend.

Happy 16th Birthday, Stacie!


Stasia said...

Hi Mrs. K!
I am so glad you all got to come to my birthday party! I really appreciate you having me over to swim afterwards too! =) Thank you SOOOOOO much for the handmade soap! I'm sure it will be great on my skin! I love the scents. I was thrilled! I loved Autumn's skirt she made (My favorite color! =) I'm wearing it tomorrow.) I also the flip flops she crocheted...They are so cute!..... and the smiley face key! =) I also love the bag Abigail made me! THe fabric is really groovy! I also love the keychains Collin made me! They are really cool! Thank you all so much for the thoughtful gifts! Handmade gifts are always so awesome! I know you all put lots of work into it! Thanks for dedicating a post to me. lol Thanks a bunch for everything! I had a great day!


Julieann said...

Those are beautiful presents!!


Kelley said...

What great gifts Tracy!
I am sure that Abigail's friend loved everything!

Deborah said...

What talented and thoughtful children! I'm sure they made their friend's birthday very special.

Terri said...


Those are such lovely gifts. What a tribute to you that your children are able to be creative and frugal at the same time and yet produce such wonderful presents.

Abounding Treasures said...


I think there's nothing more special than a handmade gift because not only do you receive the item, you receive a little piece of the giver's heart :o)

Daughter of the King said...

These are just so cute and what a great daughter to be so industrious...she takes after her mom.....good job training....you are seeing the benefits.

Beck said...

Very, very lovely! Lucky girl!

REAL ME said...

Super cute gifts. HOw creative!

Tori said...

Wow, hey did I tell you when my birthday is???

Great stuff!

Lori said...

Love all those handmade gifts.
Eveyone in your family is so talented.
I love the crocheted done on the flip flops. I wonder how did she do that. I like to crochet.
That would make those flip flops more comfortable to wear.

The wrap around skirt is cute.
Love the handmade bag and key chain/bracelet too.
Of coarse I like your home-made soaps too.

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

All very nice gifties! I especially admire those crocheted flops ☺

Kelli said...

Those are such wonderful and thoughtful gifts, Tracy! I'm sure the birthday girl felt very special!

~~ said...

Great ideas! How creative you all are!

Rachel said...

Stasia was truly spoiled by you all which she obviously enjoyed:) Everyone had beautiful and creative ideas that were well suited to the receiver. Nice job!

Sheree said...

Those are such lovely and thoughtful gifts!! (and the young lady is very clearly thrilled just from reading her post LOL). Its wonderful that your children are so thoughtful and so industrious! I think anyone would be happy to receive those gifts.
We usually do ribbon on the flipflops because I don't know how to crochet like that. My dd is learing though and she loves the idea of crocheting flip flops!

Jodi said...

Tracy! I have a post in draft with the same name and same basic theme - lol. I will definitely link to this post when I publish it.

I love the specialness of handmade gifts; they're so personal! You each came up with such unique ideas ~ very creative! [and love the lime green! ;o)]

Tracy said...

Tracy, those gifts would have made Stacey feel like she was so loved. You've all gone to a great deal of effort to care for her!

His Girl said...

I am thinking you really could run a camp of your own in your home. What amazing skills your kids have- and great gifting skillz as well!

*carrie* said...

Homemade gifts are so wonderful adn thoughtful--thanks for sharing!

Angi said...

Very cute gifts!