Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nurture and Admonition

my dad as a wee one with his mother (far right) and extended family

...For one reason or another the family does not count as it used to do. It is not the center and the unit that it was formerly. The whole idea of family life has somehow been declining; and this, alas, is partly true in Christian circles also. The family's central importance that is found in the Bible and in all the great periods to which we have referred seems to have disappeared. It is no longer being given the attention and the prominence that it once received. That makes it all the more important for us to discover the principles that should govern us in this respect.

First and foremost, the bringing up of children "in the nurture and admonition of the Lord" is something that is to be done in the home and by the parents. This is the emphasis throughout the Bible. It is not something that is to be handed over to the school, however good the school may be. It is the duty of the parents- their primary and most essential duty. It is their responsibility, and they are not to hand it over to another. I emphasize this because we are all well aware of what has been happening increasingly during this present century. More and more, parents have been transferring their responsibilities and their duties to the schools.

I regard this as a most serious matter. There is no more important influence in the life of a child than the influence of the home. The home is the fundamental unit of society; and children are born into a home, into a family. There you have the circle that is to be the chief influence in their lives. There is no question about that. It is the biblical teaching everywhere, and it is always in so-called civilizations where ideas concerning the home begin to deteriorate that society ultimately disintegrates...

An excerpt by David Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981) from Life in the Spirit in Marriage, Home & Work: An Exposition of Ephesians 5:18 to 6:19, published by The Banner of Truth Trust,


Abounding Treasures said...


At first I didn't realize it was a quote - but couldn't agree more ~ it *IS* a very serious situation that is more and more common amongst Christians now than ever before.

Daycares and substitute *sitters* cannot replace mothers in the home and in their children's lives!

I agree that every child deserves two loving and responsible parents but alas, in the world in which we presently live, sadly, that is not always the case.

Have a blessed Lord's Day ...

Tracy said...

This is why I spend so much time at school. Homeschooling is not something that God is calling our family to, although I have considered it here and there. It just isn't where God is leading. We know for certain that God Himself has placed our children in the school of His choosing. We could never have enrolled our children there without His going before us.

However...I do not believe in handing over my children either. I spend AT LEAST 8 hours a week in the kids classrooms. It is usually more than that. I tend to see it that I am asking for help where I do not have the skills and expertise, from very talented and well equipped people. I am not equipped to teach. It's not even my gift! But I can use my gifts and my time to support my children's teachers. They do the same and ask for my help. We do it together!

Anonymous said...

Much truth written here Tracy. I hate the fact that our family is far different from the close knit family that I grew up in due to the fact that my children have lives far away from us. I believe we raised them well, but the world geographically offers so much today compared to my generation.

I see the good and the bad in the fact that families are evolving into something far different from our parents and grandparents lives.

I continue to pray that my children will be world changers in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

lady jane said...

Amen, Tracy.

I see it in our church, most often when the mother works outside the home, but a few stay at home mothers as well. They seem disheartened that their children are home for summer vacation and this sense is fully realized to others when the end of summer comes and one mother said, "Thank God school is beginning again so these kids'll get out of my hair." I cannot tell you how this hurt my heart - can't imagine how it hurt their children.

Good for the poster, Tracy, who spends *much* time at her children's school. In our area a parent is controlled as to how much time they spend in the classroom. Once a child has completed elementary school though, the parent cannot enter the classroom to help. I'm hoping it's different in Tracy's area.

Anonymous said...

That's such a sweet picture!