Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Adapting the Pattern

Looking for a gift for the crochet/knitting enthusiast? Try my Crochet Hook Case. It goes together in a long afternoon or evening.

I adapted this one to fit long knitting needles and standard crochet hooks. Don't be afraid to lengthen the body of the case to accommodate your needs.

My adaptations were as follows:

Instead of cutting the fabric for the main body 20 x 34, I cut it 20 x 42. The fusible fleece for the main body was then cut to 20 x 20.

The large pocket fabric was cut to 20 x 30 instead of 16 x 20. The fusible fleece for that pocket is cut to 15 x 20.

The only other adaptation that I made to this case was to close it with three buttons rather than two.

When I started putting this one together I thought it was going to look dull with the plain blue and brown fabrics, but a few adorable buttons and some satin ribbon dressed it up nicely!
Have fun!


lady jane said...

Oh my, this is beautiful, Tracy!

I bought a needle 'case' at Michaels and while it's practical, it aint purty like yours. :o)

Monica said...

Thank you ever so much for sharing this adaptation. I saw your crochet case tutorial (which I hope to make before Christmas), and was wondering how I would go about adapting it for knitting needles --- you have just made things much simpler for me. Thank you!!

Jenn said...

I love those colors you put together, they are so pretty!

Kostman Family said...

This looks so nice. I actually requested one for Christmas, but if I don't get one I will be trying to make one. Also wanted to let you know that I like music on your blog.