Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In the Mood

Several months ago, Mac competed in an Outstanding Youth Contest and was chosen to compete at the state level this past week. Thursday morning, he and I packed up and headed across the state to a posh hotel, all expenses paid.

We arrived in the city with just enough time to get to the hotel and register him for the competition. He was busy with interviews all day, so I got to venture out and do some Christmas shopping.

We met back up late in the afternoon. His gave a speech, competing against 9 other fellows from across the state around 7:30 PM. Although he didn't win, the experience was a good one, and we both had fun.

We were both hungry, and decided to walk to the Hard Rock Cafe which was four blocks away. Four very cold blocks away. The temperature was about 19 F. As we hurried along, a man rounded the corner, greeted us and said, "Hey, I have something for you."

"No thanks", I replied, and kept walking at a brisk pace. Mac however slowed down. What a naive young man. When he noticed that I kept walking he ran a few steps to catch back up.

We are so not city people!

Mac treated me to a delicious supper, and we walked back the same four cold blocks. The chilly air combined with the Christmas lights was exciting, though!

We were intrigued by our hotel accommodations. The hotel was comprised of two towers connected by a walkway. One tower was 18 stories while the other was 25. There were dozens of shops and six restaurants. It was like something in a movie. Like I said, we aren't city folk.

In the walkway connecting the two towers was a bar with a fish tank for the counter top. Fascinating! And this large gingerbread house. Boy, did it ever smell good in there!

Take a look at the lollipop tree!

I was wishing all of my children could have seen this winter wonderland.

The trip to the city did help put me in the Christmas mood. I have one more birthday to celebrate on Thursday, and then it's all about Christmas.


~~Deby said...

oh that looks like so much fun...I would have totally enjoyed seeing all of that as well...talk about a Winterwonderland.....looks like something from a movie Tracy...I am glad you had such a getaway....as crummy as you have felt I bet that this was just what was needed....
wooohooo for you BOTH !!!

pearlsoftruth said...

What a wonderful little trip away! I loved the photos, and my daughter and I couldn't believe the lollipop tree ~ amazing!


Becky K. said...

Sigh... I enjoyed that vicariously.

I stopped by to invite you over to Hospitality Lane for a little Contest/Giveaway....


Mrs. Rabe said...

What a neat opportunity for you and your son to go on a trip together!

That Christmas wonderland looks awesome - just the kind of thing my kids adore, too!

lady jane said...

Such a wonderful experience for your son, Tracy. I pray the interviews went well and that he left a lasting impression. I'm sure he did.

So glad to hear you're in the mood for Christmas now. It's slow coming for a number of us I think.

I'm glad you were treated to fancy schmancy hotel, Christmas sights (that lollipop tree is really something!) and a meal out with your handsome son.

Bless you this day.

Abounding Treasures said...

What a special trip for you and Mac to enjoy!

The sights and sounds of the big city and that fancy hotel were truly something to behold ...