Friday, March 13, 2009

Cold Feet

I was a bit energized as I dusted off my toe-less shoes last Friday. The temperatures were balmy- in the 70's! For five whole days I wore those shoes everywhere I went. 

After freezing rain, and four inches of snow overnight, I don't think they're appropriate for today. And just when I painted my toenails, too! 


jAne said...

What a dainty little foot you have, Tracy, and your polish is pretty. I typically wear the color of spit..I'm afraid of color, remember? ;o)

It's 70 degrees today but this morning it was 44. I prefer 44. I'll take your snow, if you're offering.


50s Housewife said...

Well at least your toenails look cute. :)

Susan said...

Spring is just around the corner.

Terri said...

Goodness! Don't scare me like that. I thought Jon or Autumn changed their mind about the wedding! LOL

Your foot is dainty, by the way. I think mine look like Fred Flintstone!

Tracy said...

Brrrrrr that looks cold to me! You're far braver than I and your bravery is worth it. I'm the never-paint-nails gal!

Persuaded said...

i am in complete and total agree with dear jAne♥ both in her assessment of your foot as "dainty" and your polish as "pretty." i also agree wholeheartedly with her weather preferences!

i hope your toes warm up... that picture made mine cold!

shelia said...

And all that effort spent on the toes!! :)
But there is something about painted toes that just make a girl feel great!
Have a wonderful weekend

Mrs. Rabe said...

I noticed your profile photo! You are very pretty and look way too young to be becoming a mother in law! What a young grammy you'll be!

And our weather has been weird too, warm a day or two then cold again!

Signs of spring are here though!

Jodi said...

LOL ~ Think positive! ;o)

Gena said...

I got spoiled by the warmth, too! Now it is pouring rain here. Your toes look so pretty - you know I love a good pedicure (and flip-flops!).

Hope it is warm for you next week. Have a great one.