Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Autumn and I left the house at 6:15 AM and headed to the surgical center. She had all 4 wisdom teeth out. The procedure went well, and she wasn't at all emotionally affected by the anesthesia, like Mac. She's now home, resting on the couch with bags of frozen green peas on either side of her face. 

Our house has been on the market since January 2nd, as we'd like to move about an hour north. Not one person has called to see it. Until last week. They scheduled an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. Knowing full well that Autumn was having surgery today, I still set the appointment, thinking she'd be feeling a little better by then. We weren't in the door for 10 minutes when the realtor called and asked if they could come today instead. I was totally unprepared, but said, "Sure!"

So the ten minute tidy began. Clean two bathrooms, minus tubs. Make beds. (Remember we left REALLY early!) Do the breakfast dishes. Clean fingerprints off of doors and light switches. Throw the large pile of ironing waiting to be done into the dryer. Done. 

And they stayed all of about 5 minutes. 

I think I need a nap!   


Gena said...

I hope Autumn feels better soon!

Don't you just love realtors who reschedule? Or call you from your driveway? We had that happen, too. Best of luck on selling your house. The market is so bad here that I'm just going to stay put for the long term. I've also been told not to make any drastic changes so we'll just stay put.

Persuaded said...

oh my... i think i'll never put my house on the market, just beacuse i don't know if i'd ever survive the stress of having to have it "show ready" at the drop of a hat, yikes!

and all *4* wisdom teeth out at once? yikes again! i just said a prayer for autumn's comfort♥

jAne said...

Praying for Autumn <>< and remembering when Lizzie had her wisdom teeth removed. That's the *best* thing to do with bags of peas - use them for ice packs. Other than that, they're little green balls of mushy poison.

Selling that beautiful home wouldn't be a challenge, I wouldn't think. I hope all things work smoothly to enable you to move a bit north. Is north where Autumn and Jon will be living? That'd sure be nice. :o)

Your daffodils are beautiful, Tracy. We have a few up but not as pretty as yours yet. Soon. :o)

shelia said...

Hope Autumn is feeling better soon. Mine had hers taken out a few months ago. OUCH!

As for realtors...i think they are so wonderful :)
Hope you house sells soon.
realtor in my nonsewing life

Mimi said...

look at the bright side...you house is now tidy...of course the dryer is full and the dishes are probably hiding in the dishwasher...but the middle of the rooms are spic and span...

~~Deby said...

Hope Autumn is just doing better and better...

When we sold, I ran a ad in the paper too with a hyperlink of a ton of pictures I loaded on a NEW blog just for selling our home...

Just a idea...will you be closer of further away from Autumn and Jon?

Tracy said...

jAne and Deby~

Jon and Autumn will be about 40 minutes north of us where we are now. One we move, whenever that might be, we'll be 20 minutes north of them.

randi said...

Oh, I hope these people buy your house! I will keep that in my prayers, Tracy!

It is good to hear that Autumn is doing well. Sometimes that surgery can be very difficult!


Tracy said...

I hope Autumn heals quickly and heals well.

I struggled with that aspect of our house being on the market.

Our estate agent seemed to want to bring people through at lunch time and dinner time. Back then I had more than one child napping during the day and then I struggled with getting dinner made in a timely fashion for those young impatient tummies. ARGH!

jAne said...

Being 20 minutes away from your sweet daughter and son-in-love would be wonderful! I know you know this is in the Lord's timing and way, but I pray your home sells soon. :o)

Jodi said...

I hope Autumn is feeling better by now. I was about Autumn's age when I had my wisdom teeth out; I remember getting a huge bruise on one side of my face that faded from deep purple to a lovely shade of yellow. (ugh!)

Praying your home sells soon. It's never easy living with it on the market.