Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dog Tired

Two weeks ago Jon was sitting on the ground while working on a truck. He was using a pry bar and it slipped. He quickly turned his head for fear of knocking his front teeth out. When he came to visit Autumn that evening I noticed that his jaw was starting to swell from where he hit his cheek. "Are you sure that you didn't hurt your teeth?" 

"Yea. It's just my jaw that hurts."

Except that it wasn't just his jaw. The next afternoon his molar felt loose and by late in the afternoon, his tooth broke off at the gum line. He couldn't see a dentist that day, but went the next morning. A Friday. She gave him an antibiotic, and some pain pills, and told him to come back the following week. Somehow he made it through the weekend, but went back Monday morning in hopes of having the tooth pulled. She referred him to a different doctor, and said that he may have to be put out for it. 

Since you can't drive after being put out, Jon asked me to take him to his appointment. We drove an hour one way to sit in the waiting room for nearly another hour. Finally it was his turn. The doctor asked him to open his mouth so that he could see and quickly gave Jon two shots of Novocaine.  As he left the room, Jon looked at me and said, "I don't even know what he looks like!" We sat and waited some more for his mouth to go numb. The doctor reappeared, and started drilling. "Hmmm... there appears to be some infection here."  He grabbed an instrument and proceeded to pull the tooth. Jon winced, and about jumped out of the chair. He didn't need to cry, because I did it for him. "Well, I guess you aren't completely numb." The doctor quickly gave another round of Novocaine, and immediately started to pull again. A stream of pus flew about a foot into the air, and half of the tooth was out. The other half quickly followed. They packed his mouth with gauze, gave him an instruction sheet, and a prescription. They sat Jon up, and said he could go. 

Although he wasn't put out I was glad that I had driven him, and he slept most of the way home. But first, I needed to run an errand. 

It was cold and windy, and I was in a hurry to get back into the car. We had a long drive yet, and I knew that Jon wasn't feeling well. Without knowing what was happening I fell forward, and wound up flat on the ground with my hands at my chest. My left knee was stinging terribly, and I found it difficult to breath, but I got up as quickly as I could. Not my most graceful moment! I have no idea how or why I fell, but I've been sore ever since. My knee is still skinned up, and hurts each time I bend it. My right shoulder and back hurt, and I've been sleeping on a heating pad for the past week. Suddenly, I feel very old!


~~Deby said...

ouch ouch....ouch..both you and Jon...I have had those dental moments..that is why I am *mental dental*...would rather have my back injections than the hurts to think about it..
and...then...*you* Tracy...bless your heart...ouch.....are you SURE you are okay ??????....I know sometimes moms are the last to *go in*...just because I care...
so sweet lady..((((light, tender, hugs))))))

Mrs. Rabe said...

Oh my Tracy!

I hope you are both on the mend! Is your breathing ok now? Take care!

Becky K. said...

Oh so sad. Infection can keep the anesthetics from being as effective. That sounds like a terrible experience!

Hope you get back to normal soon. Sometimes you just wonder what makes us lose our balance.

Take Care!

Susan said...

What a horrible experience for both of you. Hope you are both doing better.

Tracy said...

Oh what a pair the two of you are! I hope Jon's mouth heals quickly, poor guy. And you! Maybe you need to get yourself checked out to make sure there is nothing that needs addressing. And take care to rest and listen to your body when it tells you to be careful.

If only I could come and give you both a hug and cook you a meal!

Nanci said...

Oh, Tracy,

I hurt for both of you!!!!! I pray you both are on the mend.

God Bless.

Tori said...

Okay first off I have to say that I'm shivering after hearing about the dentist. I have a little phobia of dentists and everything to do with them. Glad he's doing better now.

so sorry to hear about your fall, just wasn't your day huh?

Hope you feel better soon!

jAne said...

Immediate prayer heavenward <><

(((tender embrace))) for you, Jon and yours. Bless you dearly as you continue healing - ever so slowly it would appear. So thankful you were able to be with Jon. I'm sure that was a blessing to him, Tracy. Your poor knee and whatever else is ailing you from the fall. I know about those kind of falls - hoping it's nothing serious.


Kristy said...

Poor Jon. That sounds horrible...nothing like a sensitive and attentive dentist. :( Hope you both are feeling better soon! Sounds like Jon already has another mom in you! That's how my family is, and it's wonderful.

Beck said...

Poor Jon! Poor you!
I hope you're both feeling better.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Ouch!! Rest and healing to both of you!