Monday, July 13, 2009

A Berry Good Morning

With Autumn married, Collin in New Mexico, and Verne and Mac at work, Abigail and I have loads of time together. This morning after sleeping in we headed to the berry patch at the back of our property. She was bound and determined to get the ones that were out of reach, and climbed a fence and hung over to get closer.

Yum! We got almost 4 cups.

And she took a picture of me, too! This afternoon we're hitting the pool.


~~Deby said...

These look delicious..soon it will be blackberry season in our area..YUMMMMMM !!!
More wonderful mother-daughter time....happy for you both, Tracy..

Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

I too got married young 17. I then moved away, far away. My mother cried for weeks. She did not expect for that change so early. I did leave 1 brother at home. But she still had a difficult time. Are you doing okay? I hope you are handeling it well.

Tracy said...

Mrs. Clifton,

Thank you for asking about me. To say that my world has been turned upside down in a week's time would be an understatement. Things are definitely different around here.

I have moments when I feel very overwhelmed and panicky , and other moments I'm okay. Keeping busy is the key for now. Prayer is essential, too.

Mrs.Rabe said...

You had so many changes all at once...praying.

The berries look great and the pool sounds wonderful!

I think you two are going to have a great week!

Becky K. said...

I have got to get to the blueberry patch.

I am glad you are getting this time with your daughter...I'll bet she loves it after the very full year you have had.

Becky K.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have gone from a very full and busy household (intensified by wedding preps), to just the 2 of you. The strongest of us would feel out of sorts, that's for sure...

How lovely for Abigail to have her Mummy all to herself. Almost like a regrouping rebonding time after such a momentous occassion. Even she would feel a little lost without her big sister, no doubt.

The berries look delicious... much nicer than the frozen ones I bought from the supermarket yesterday. ;)

~Karen~ said...

mmmm, nothing like sweet fresh berries! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I'm having HUGE problems with my computer so it's been a challenge to comment. I'm just SO jealous of your berry patch! :-)
when I was growing up, my grandparents had blueberry bushes, a sour cherry tree, grape vine, and a lovely patch of raspberries and black berries. I used to love going by their house when the berries were in bloom so I completely understand Abigail's desire to get every last berry!
It's really nice that the two of you have had some time to spend together. I'm sure she'll remember this time fondly.