Friday, July 17, 2009

Jalapeno Jelly

You can find the recipe for Jalapeno Jelly at my cooking blog, Mama's Fixins.


Christi said...

I really like jalapeno jelly but I LOVE the fruit jalapeno like peach jalapeno, raspberry jalapeno etc. Yum!

And if they don't firm up enough they are great poured over ice cream (if they do firm up, you can just heat a little in the microwave and pour it on the ice cream.)


Our Family Is His said...

I just posted to Autumn's blog. I wanted to share it with you as you were a very integral part of my change of heart.

"I started reading you and your Mom's blog with great skepticism. Yes, I am a conservative Christian. Yes, I am much more "old fashioned" (as people call it) than anyone I know. Yes, I love the idea of courtship and we will teach it to our sons as they grow older. But I will admit, I was skeptical. However, as I read your blog an your Mom's blog, I started to open my heart to your story and now see it for the beauty that it is in God. Thank you for giving me a new perspective on this. God bless you and Jon in your new marriage. I pray His blessing in whatever form that takes for your future together. I pray you will be receptive to His every moving and blessing He has in store for you and Jon. God bless."