Monday, September 14, 2009

Coffee-Chocolate Chip Scones

I tweaked the recipe that I found at Sarah's Blog, Short Stop, to my liking. What did you have for breakfast?


Becky K. said...

Tracy, I am embarrassed to admit it...I had tortilla chips with cheese and bacon bits melted on. I have never done that before...but you asked!

I would have loved that scone. Yum!

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

Tracy said...

Becky, you gave me a good chuckle! Though it's an odd breakfast, it does sound good!

Sylvia said...


Please share how you tweaked the recipe please. For people like me who do not have successful results with tweaking. I have no clue how to bake things. I follow baking recipes like a science experiment which turn out well. Any tweaking I have done has become disastrous baking wise. Every single time. So please share. My children and my husband will sure thank you profusely I assure you.

Thank you.

God bless,

Tracy said...

Oh my LOL. A chocolate chip scone would never make it to my breakfast menu.

I'm a toast and jam or fruit and yoghurt kinda gal. To me a scone is morning tea food.

Short Stop said...

I'm glad you made one of my recipes! There's no one else I'd rather have that compliment from!

Jodi said...

We've been on an egg and toast kick of late. We do have scones regularly ... usually chocolate chip. Jon (my 5 y.o.) and I love them with lemon curd ~ yum!