Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tonight I Walked Him Home

He didn't leave work until 12:40 AM, and had to drive back to campus. And so we talked, for an hour, while he drove around looking for that elusive parking spot. And then I walked him home, to his dorm, phone to his ear.


Mrs.Rabe said...

I love that! I think it is an awesome way to get individual time in with him....

Have a great weekend, Tracy!

Everybody's Mama said...

I know a little about that with my 19 year old son who is in college, too. And my one year old LOVED the picture on this post as it makes him think of my 19 year old GuitarMan. He noticed it over my shoulder and squealed and pointed in delight at the guitar!

Sylvia said...

Oh Tracy,

You are exactly like my mom ! Even when it was day for me and night for her she still sits up every day so she can talk to me...

Children of moms such as you and my mom never feel alone or unloved ever regardless of the distance that separates them. We know unconditional love. We see through example what God's love must be like through our mothers. And our mothers prayers are like a beacon in this world that help light up dark corners.

Oceans and continents separate my mom and me, I am mom myself now, a wife, a career woman with a life of my own and people dependent on me. I am supposed to be smart, independent with a can do attitude. But when I talk to my mom, I feel so safe and secure and loved in a special way, I just can't describe it. It is a true blessing to be the child of such a mom.

Not many grown children have such relationships with their mom. You are one such mom from all I've seen. Your children are indeed blessed.

God bless you,

Julieann said...

Hi Tracy:)
I am so glad I stopped by for a visit, I just adore all your posts. Your blog always makes me smile!

Happy Saturday.


jAne said...

Times like this are when I'm especially thankful for modern technology. :o)

Bless you,

Jodi said...

I loved this post! I have "driven" my hubby back to town many a late night. So sweet. I know you must miss Mac very much.