Friday, January 29, 2010

Photo Challenge: Learning

Because we are a homeschooling family, learning never stops. It happens at the dining room table, in the kitchen, at a desk, in the car, and in the yard. I love that!

This week I'm learning patience. The above picture is a hat that I've been trying to crochet all week. I've ripped it out no less than 15 times. Sometimes, the ripping out comes just as I get to the last three rows.

Each night after supper, my husband reads to us from God's word. We all learn something.

What are you learning?

Join us at Rebecca's House for more Foto Friday pictures.


Terri said...

I love your pictures, Tracy. It think I especially like the one of Verne reading the Bible. Very nice!

Jemit said...

WOW! Wonderful learning pictures.. I love the last 2 of your hubby reading scripture, and the scriptures themselves..nicely done.

Bonnie said...

Knitting- there is something I want to learn!
I really like the importance conveyed so simply in the last two.

Devildogwife said...

I agree that the ones of your hubby reading the Bible are my favorite. The last one with his hands hold the Bible is just wonderful.

Knitting ~ well, that's one that I'm still trying to learn to do, but there are so many other things that keep grabbing my attention instead. lol!

Paula said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the last two... especially the last one. WOW! Wonderful pictures. And I too love that learning happened everywhere, even in the yard or the car! :D

~~Deby said...

I think I am in a season of leaning contentment...with health issues so much the past year or so and staying home much more than I would ever have before...I am learning to be content...with what the day or the pain, or both brings...before the lonliness would overwhelm me...I am finding peace in the quiet now (most days)...and knowing that God's ways are higher than mine and HE will work things out (Romans 8:28)

Mrs.Rabe said...

Love your photos as always!

I can't believe you ripped out your project so many times - you have perseverance! We found a knitting book we like and are learning patterns now!

Rebecca said...

I did a hat at Christmas time and had to rip it out (once after it was ALL done) five times. And I was so sick of it (and angry) that I could have screamed. I guess you have well surpassed me in the patience field. ;-)

My favorite photo of all was the last one. Interesting lighting, sharp, crisp focus and just an all around great shot!