Friday, February 12, 2010

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

I'm not a fan of marshmallows unless they are in hot chocolate or toasted. I've never been one to eat them straight out of the bag. Even so, I got the idea to dip them in chocolate and decorate them for Valentine's Day. I figured my husband and children would eat them, and I would just swoon over the cuteness.

When I saw the pink (strawberry) marshmallows on the grocery store shelf, I knew I had to have them for this project. Who doesn't love chocolate brown and pink together?

What started out as a cute project ending up being a delicious project. These are way better than I could have imagined!

To make them you need one bag of strawberry marshmallows, one container of Dolci Frutta, and sprinkles.

Simply melt the Dolci Frutta according to the directions on the package, dip one marshmallow, and carefully place the sprinkles on it. Stand on undipped end, and proceed to the next marshmallow.

I can imagine these for every holiday now, but those little heart sprinkles are going to be hard to beat.


Tracy said...

Mrs. Rabe said, Ok, I am heading out for groceries today anyway and I am going to buy the stuff to make these! My darlings will love them! I think I already have these sprinkles!

Thank you for being so creative and sharing it with all of us!

Danielle said...

Another idea I'll have to keep till next year!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Just to let you know, these were a big hit with the folks we had over for lunch yesterday! They loved them, as did my Sarah especially, and they thought they were so clever! I gave you credit, though!

They were so easy to do and looked so special. Thanks again for sharing!

Sheri said...

Those are too cute Tracy! I may have to make them for Alisa's birthday 4th birthday party next month! Thank you, as always, for the lovely ideas!