Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh, How I'll Miss Him!

Mac recently turned 18. He'll graduate in June, and head off to college in late August, but he's still my little boy, and always will be. Sometimes it's more than others, but he makes me laugh daily.

The other night he lifted up his shirt and was sticking his finger in his belly button to clean it as he talked to me.

"Man! I have a gigantic belly button, and I don't know where all of the lint comes from, but I sure get alot! The other day, I pulled a small shirt out of there, and I held it up and asked Collin, 'Hey, is this yours?' "

That same evening he was telling me about this new gum that he bought. Orbit something. He ran out to his car to get me a piece, and plopped one into his mouth as well. This was around 11 PM. Knowing he had to get up early for school the next day, and that he had to take an AP test, I said, "Hey Mac, that wasn't too smart to chew gum right now. You need to brush your teeth and get to bed because you have an AP test in the morning. "

"You know, I don't understand why we have to brush our teeth at night and in the morning because we don't eat anything in between. "

"Mac, go brush your teeth."

"The gum's sugar free- I'll be alright. "

And off to bed he went.

I incredulously looked at Autumn, and wondered aloud how someone so smart (He's most likely going to be valedictorian!) could be so dumb.

Half an hour later, Mac stumbled back to the living room to ask me something, gum still in his mouth, and still giggly.

Yep. I'm going to miss him!


Becky K. said...

HE sounds fun! I can understand why you are going to miss having him around.

Belly Button

jAne said...

Tell Mac to start saving his belly button lint..put it in a jar. Silly guy. ;o)

Love your family tales.


Persuaded said...

he sounds like a hoot! i bet he and my amelia would have a few good laughs together☺

Mrs. Rabe said...

No wonder you are going to miss him! So fun....maybe he will email his funniness to you!

Beck said...

He's a fun guy. You'll miss him a lot but still - how exciting to be going off on his own!